Trek to Su Sercone (Orgosolo)

  • trek in wild nature
  • discover the deepest sinkhole in Europe
  • stunning landscaspes
  • wildlife and millennial trees

We start hiking in the Lanaitho valley which is like an access door for the wild Supramonte. The trail goes through a gorge where have growth very tall olm oak, the trekking continues gaining altitude until we get a pass hidden by an intricate forest of Junipers. Now we are in the Supramonte of Orgosolo, few steps separate us from the huge karstic depression of Su Sercone. With the diameter of 500 meters and 200 meters in depth that is the deepest sinkhole in Europe, without doubts one of the most beautiful destinations for trekking in Sardinia. Sitting on the edge of its rocky sides you can admire an incredible landscape on the Corrasi range and the charming Lanaitto valley. The silence and the magnificent view will make you never forget the excursion. Not so far from Su Sercone there is a broad plateau, “Campu Donanigoro”, crossroad of three Supramontes, the one of Orgosolo, Dorgali and Oliena. A high plateau like this in such a rough place has always had great importance for the populations that used to live there; witnesses of that importance in the centuries are the nuraghe and the sheepfold known as “cuile ziu raffaele”. Today Campu Donanigoro is the kingdom of the mouflons, they feed here in this grassy plain. Hiking through the paths of Donanigoro is an unforgettable experience that repay the hiker for the efforts sustained to get over there.