Trek to Gorropu Canyon (Urzulei)

  • trek beneath the high rocky walls of the canyon
  • the sound of silence between the boulders
  • rare plants and wildlife
  • extraordinary photographic location

This beautiful canyon is one of the most famous treks in Sardinia.

We leave from Orosei, arrived at “Su cungiadeddu” (830 meters AMSL) we start driving off-road to descend in the valley where the path begins. We start the hike wading the Flumineddu river to enter in the woodland formed by Olm oaks, Arbutus and Mediterranean scrub. Walking along the cliffs of Monte Oddeu we get the entrance of the Gorroppu gorge in less than 2 hours. You will be astonished walking by the rocky walls which rise for more than 400 meters over the dry river bed, the Gorrupu canyon is one of the deepest canyons in Europe and today it is the natural border between the territory of Urzulei and Orgosolo. The Flumineddu river excavated the giurassic limestones originated when Sardinia was truly covered by the sea; the marine origin of the rocks is testified by fossils of ammonites, fish and algae found in the area. During the trekking we will discover the unique microclimate of the canyon that allowed the giant growth of some trees like the Phyllirea and the old Yew tree; there is besides an endemic grass, the Acquilegia di Gorropu (Aquilegia nuragica), present in very few individuals inside the canyon. When the path becomes more rough the hike become harder, sometimes we use the hands to proceed through the boulders then, when it is no longer possible to go further, we get back on our steps.