We founded Jebel Sardinia in 2016, with a degree in Natural Sciences and our certificates of hiking guides authorized by the Region of Sardinia.

Our operative base is Orosei, with its enviable geographic position and optimal starting point to explore the whole east coast of the island. We easily reach the Baronia, the Barbagia, the Gallura, so our excursions range from the high mountain of Supramonte to the enchanting beaches of the Gulf.

When we accompany our guests we like first of all to transmit the pleasure of waking up every morning in a truly magical land, where the sun opens days full of colors, scents and emotions that for us are smile, positivity and joy of living in contact with nature.

We will take you to the top of peaks where the views leave you breathless, we will take you into small coves hidden by the turquoise sea, we will talk about the history of the nuraghe and fairy houses, we will show you the wild animals and we will explain the importance in botany of certain plants that grow only here, in this land that always seems to know and that instead amazes every day.

We only ask you to bring enthusiasm and desire to discover into your backpack!


Sergio Nanni

  • Degree in Natural Sciences, University of Urbino
  • Environmental Guide for the Region of Sardinia
  • Basic technique for canoeing and kayaking
  • Linguages: Italian, English, French